Personal Tutoring Achieves Results!

Why Consider PUSD Personal Tutoring Service?

  • The aid of a personal tutor has proven to raise scholastic performance for all students across the academic spectrum.  Therefore I have provided several reasons why you should seriously consider securing a personal tutor for your student. Continue reading

Advantages of Enrolling in SAT Prep Course

SAT Preparation
SAT scores aren’t the only thing a university considers when reviewing your application, but SAT scores weigh heavily on their decision to admit you.

Preparing for the SAT

The SAT is like any other test. If you prepare for it, you’ll get a better score. To do well on the SAT you must practice for it. But don’t try to prepare for the SAT on your own. Continue reading

PUSD Personal Tutoring Service

PUSD Stands for Pi Upsilon Sigma Delta. PUSD Personal Tutoring Service stands for academic excellence. Therefore as a caring parent you may rest assured that our primary goal is to help your student acquire the motivation, knowledge and study habits necessary to excel in the classroom today and tomorrow.

Time for a Tutor

You are sitting at the pool with your children, thinking about what a relaxing summer you’ve had and how you all needed a break from school.  Suddenly you panic.  School is less than a month away – are your children ready?  Have they been reading enough this summer?  Have they written anything besides grammatically incorrect emails?  Did they forget their math? Should you hire a tutor for a jump start?  Should you wait and see how the year goes? Continue reading